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Welcom to Sakai Mikuni Church!!

  Sakai Mikuni Church is a protestant Church in Sakai City, Osaka.​ 

  We have worship at 10:30 every Sunday.

  In the worship, we pray to God, hear the God's words through a sermon, and praise the Lord with hymn. 

  You can attend any events of our church, please feel free to contact us. 

  If you are interested in Bible story, Prayer Time, Christian thoughts, we are warm welcome visiting. Please join us! 

※ We do not hav any relationship with "Family Federation for World Peace and Unification(FFWPU)," or "The Watchtower," or "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." 

 Weekly Events

Lord's Day Worship
Sunday School
Prayer Meeting
Afternoon Worship
Sunday         a.m.10:30 ~ 11:45
Sunday          a.m. 9:30 ~ 10:15
Wednesday   p.m.7:30 ~ 8:45
4th Sunday    p.m. 4:00 ~ 5:00

About Us

We belong to Reformed Church in Japan. We started in 1961 as "Minami Osaka Mission." In 1968, we moved our church building to Koryo-Higashi Machi, and started as "Sakai Mikuni Church." We have preached the Gospel of Christ for more than 50 years in Sakai.
About Reformed Church in Japan(RCJ)
 Reformed Church in Japan(RCJ) started after the World War II. Before the Pacific War in Japan, totalitarianism had spread across the nation. In 1939, most  Protestant Churches in Japan were gathered by the Religious Organization Law of 1939, and the United Church of Christ in Japan was established in 1941. After this unifying, many pastors accepted worshipping the Emperor in their chapel. Many churches sinned the First Commandment that thou shalt have no other gods before me, by worshipping the Emperor. In 1946, some of churches started a new denomination with ”the Declaration of establishing a Reformed Church in Japan.” 
Greeting from Pastor
Hello! Welcome to Sakai Mikuni Church!
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